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the design for devices with a small screen width (smartphones)
the design for devices with a small screen width (smartphones)
During the years a lot of non-german speakers visits the site and used translation tools like Googles or just navigated by trial-and error. After I decided to go over with the site I implemented at least a basic navigation in english. It's still in progress but I hope I'll be able to offer an acceptable comfort soon.

It's not planned to translate all the content, but as I already wrote I want to make it possible for non-german speakers to navigate here. Some sections are self-explanatory like the gallery or literature section, so in this cases there is no translation needed, I think.

I'll try to enhance the basic sections in the english area.

Last but not least, I'm sorry for any mistakes, as I'm not a native english speaker.

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  1. Timothy Holt-Wilson:
    5. August 2015, 10:21 Uhr

    A great resource, which I hope will continue to grow !
    Who is building the UK side of the database?


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