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1500+ Entries in the Bibliography of the Saxonian-Bohemian Cretaceous

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Literature about the Upper Cretaceous of the Saxo-Bohemian-Cretaceous Basin (and a few other)
Literature about the Upper Cretaceous of the Saxo-Bohemian-Cretaceous Basin (and a few other)
During the last years the bibliography has grown up to over 1500 single entries. The main focus of this collection is the published (and unpublished) literature on geology and paleontology of the Saxonian-Bohemian Cretaceous. It contains monographs, articles in journals, excursion guides, conference abstracts and even PhD and diploma thesis for example. Since a couple of weeks there is the possibility to export this literature database to the *.bib file format (BiBTeX), which can be used with the most common software for data and literature management like Citavi, Endnote or JabRef.

Before giving some additional information about the „complete“ bibliography on the Saxo-Bohemian-Cretaceous-Basin here the link to the BiBTeX-file mentioned above: kreidefossilien-bibliographie.bib. The processing may take a while before the download will finaly beginn (up to 15 seconds). The *.bib-file can be imported to literature-management-tools like JabRef. Due to technical restrictions there are additional tags/keywords available only for a „few“ entries at the moment. The *.bib-file will be updated regularly but not on fixed dates. Usually the unique IDs of the entries will never change, so it is possible to „overwrite“ older versions of the bibliography. An update can affect old entries when errors are eradicated or additional informations are available, like a DOI-handler or keywords/tags. Any diacritic characters will be removed from the IDs. So #švá_1999.231 will be transliterated to #sva_1999.231 or #trö_1956.202 will become #tro_1956.202.

Some background-information on the bibliography

Overall the database consists of 1557 entries at the moment (12/2018). The Database consists of journal articles, monographs, excursion guides and maps mainly and conference abstracts as well. Furthermore it consists of bachelor's, diploma and master thesis, PhD thesis, records in databases like LithoLex and bibliographies. It is remarkable that 609 counted records were published before 1923, with 604 of them digital available! A lot of them are available as OpenAccess e.g. via,, HathiTrust or GoogleBooks. The latter two have access limitations for non US-citiziens, when published after around 1880. Only 5 records published earlier than 1923 are not digital available yet. Overall, 1152 of the 1557 records (73 %) are available with a link to a digital version. 

Following, a list of the entries published before 1923 without a retro-digitized version available yet. This is less than 1 % of the literature recorded in the database which was published prior to 1923.

Pectinidae/Spondylidae indet.
Grillenburg, Tharandt forest

One of the oldest publication within the bibliography was published in 1722 by Johann Friedrich Henkel. Flora saturnizans, die Verwandschaft des Pflanzen mit dem Mineral-Reich – (Groß) Leipzig: 1–671. doi:10.3931/e-rara-16013.

It comes along with some illustrations on oyster-imprints and Pectinidae/Spondylidae from the lower Upper Cenomanian Sandstones in Grillenburg, Tharandt forest. See image on the left.

The single entry with the most page count of 1606 has been published by Friedrich Katzer in 1892. Geologie von Böhmen. Der geognostische Aufbau und die geologische Entwickelung des Landes. Mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Erzvorkommen und der verwendbaren Minerale und Gesteine – (I. Taussig) Praha : 1–1606. e-book

The most „eagerly“ author yet was Čeněk Zahálka (1856-1938) with 59 records available. Most of his (registered) publications were in the Czech language, a few in English and some in German. See the illustration below for an impression on the publication-count of single authors.

Visualized count of authors - the bigger the name the more publications are registered in the bibliography

The „complete“ bibliography on the Saxonian-Cretaceous Basin (and some other) will be updated irregularly and can be exported to BiBTeX file format *bib in the future under this URL: