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» Miscellaneous 2019-10-05

Create a nice looking relief-hillshading map and use it in OsmAnd

 Hillshading of Saxony (DGM20, GEOSN - License: <a href=''>dl-de/by-2-0</a>) in OsmAnd – © OpenStreetMap contributors (License: <a href=''>ODbL</a>)

In September 2019 the State Survey of Saxony (Germany) published a few of their datasets under a "Open-Data" license. Datasets like the satellite imagery (DOP) or the digital elevation models (DEM - German: Digitales Geländemodell DGM) are now available for free, without any charge and it seems with a proper license for even a commercial reuse. The DEM-datasets are offered in different resolutions and level of details, ranging from the DGM1, DGM2 up to DGM20. The latter one seems to be detailed enough to enhance a offline navigation app like OsmAnd+ for Smartphones, but not having troubles with file sizes of hundreds MB or even Gigabytes of data. Creating an enhanced hillshading layer with a tolerable file size was the aim of this small project.

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