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vollständige Bibliographie [ebook]

1956 Datensätze – Die letzten 25 Neuzugänge anzeigen [This section requires a browser that supports JavaScript and iframes.] Export der vollständigen Bilbiographie nach BibTeX (kreidefossilien-bibliographie.bib = Permalink: kreidefossilien...

 ... change in a fluvial to estuarine succession: Cenomanian palaeovalley fill, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin. In: Howell: High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy: Innovations and Applications – Special Publications (Geological Society) London 104: 247–268. Tröger, K.A., 1996b. Die Sächsische Kreide im Rahmen der europäischen Oberkreide – Sitzungsberichte und ... 

O`Connell, 1919. The Schrammen Collection of Cretaceous Silicispongiae in the American Museum of Natural History [ebook]

Bohemia In 1840 August Emanuel von Reuss began his elaborate work which appeared under the title of 'Geognostische Skizzen aus Böhmen' (1840-1844), on the stratigraphy of the Bohemian Mittlegebirge in the neighborhood of Teplitz and...

 ... species.) 1841. On the Siliceous Bodies of the Chalk, Greensands and Oolites. Trans. Geol. Soc. London, (2) VI, part 1, pp. 181-194, Pls. xviii and xix. (One of earliest applications of Ehrenberg's method of study of sponge structure under the microscope; presence of siliceous sponge spicules in many formations demonstrated.) 1864. A Monograph of ... 

Custom Hillshading for Offline-navigation Apps

...familiar with the "concepts" of geographic projections and certain requirements for the used file formats and applications. You should have a slight idea what some of the used QGIS/GDAL-tools are actually good for. Structure Get...

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