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Neithella notabilis größeres Exemplar Cretirhynchia bohemica Centrodorsalplatte Pycnodus scrobiculatus "Heteroporella" collis Dentalina sp. Titanolepas tuberculata Mytiloides scupini

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A map of the Saxo-Bohemian Cretaceous Basin extending within the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. 1:150.000
A map of the Saxo-Bohemian Cretaceous Basin - created with QGIS - 2020-11-27
Traditionally, the Saxonian and Bohemian Cretaceous Basins (SCB and BCB) are subject to a more or less "separated" research especially due to language and political barriers. A lot of the recently published literature about the SCB and BCB is written…...
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Sitemap - 2013-04-13
Sitemap for
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redesign: in english - 2013-01-21
During the years a lot of non-german speakers visits the site and used translation tools like Googles or just navigated by trial-and error. After I decided to go over with the site I implemented at least a basic navigation in english. It's still in progress…...
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Literatur - Foto: A Rainbow of Books von Dawn Endico auf; Lizenz: CC-BY-SA 2.0
Digital Library - 2012-08-17
Digitised Literature on the Upper Cretaceous
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Miscellaneous - 2012-08-16
Software, Applications, Reports and related topics
» Literature -
Bibliography - 2012-08-16
Palaeontological and geological literature on the Cretaceous of Saxony & Czech Republic (Bohemia)