Die neusten Berichte von chronologisch geordnet.

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Mytilus sp. Mytiloides scupini Lenticulina sp. Pterocera collegni Seeigel als Prägesteinkern im Sandstein Collignoniceras woollgari cyclostome Bryozoe Cyclothyris zahalkai ?Reptilia indet.

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» Map & Data of the BCB-SCB -
A map of the Saxo-Bohemian Cretaceous Basin extending within the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. 1:150.000
A map of the Saxo-Bohemian Cretaceous Basin - created with QGIS - 27. November, 2020
Traditionally, the Saxonian and Bohemian Cretaceous Basins (SCB and BCB) are subject to a more or less "separated" research especially due to language and political barriers. A lot of the recently published literature about the SCB and BCB is written…...